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Best X-pression crochet braids styles for real fashionistas (PICS)

Best X-pression crochet braids styles

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Best X-pression crochet braids styles for real fashionistas (PICS)

Best X-pression crochet braids styles


Are you ready for the best designs of crochet braids with expressions hair? Are you bored with an old hairstyle? If you like braids and twists, but you don’t have enough length and density of natural hair, use false strands. Artificial hair will help you create the desired image!

Crochet braids with expressions hair



If a Nigerian woman wants to make a perfect look in everyday life, the most important role is played by her hairstyle. To create a stylish hairdo, many ladies use not only their natural hair but also artificial hair. Fortunately, today there are a lot of variants in the market for different tastes and a purse.

Crochet braids with false hair



Also, false strands allow women to create designs of hairstyles of any length, color, and texture. If you want, make a hairdo with straight hair or use different kinds of curly strands or braids and twists with varying thickness and complexity of weaving. For this purpose, you can take crochet braids with kanekalon hair.

Twists with expressions hair



Among Nigerian women of fashion, X-Pression artificial hair has a great success. A large false strands’ assortment of this brand for crochet braids styles can satisfy the needs of the most demanding ladies.


Dreadlocks with expressions hair


There are seventeen different styles of expression braiding hairstyles.

Ceres braid



1. Ceres braid style

These are fluffy strands with the length of 12, 15 cm to create hairdo in the Marley style. Such hairstyles are quite voluminous. Moreover, if it’s desired, the strands can be plaited into twists.


Curly braid design


2. Curly braid design

Such strands are made of thin braids smoothly turning into the wavy hair. The length of the hair is 40 cm. It’s ideal for ladies who love the original hairstyle and want to keep the face open, leaving the hair volume below.

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Erato braids


3. Erato braids

This very original hairstyle is suitable for girls who like to create unusual and vivid images. The hair strands are twisted into dense wavy bundles. The length is 50 cm. To enhance the effect you can add strands of other colors to the main tone.


Hebe braids


4. Hebe braid style

It’s a kind of classical dreadlocks of average thickness and 50 cm length. The strands can be of the same color or with the hair’s inserts of another color.



Juno braids


5. Juno braid design

They are thinner dreadlocks than the previous version with the length 40 cm. They also have a wide color palette.


Kinky braids


6. Kinky braid style

These are large dreadlocks, twisted from two strands of hair. They have a length of 53 cm.


Luna braids


7. Luna braids

It’s a type of large twists from two strands with tips narrowed to the bottom and 50, 57 cm long.


Multi braids



8. Multi-braid design

It’s also a variant of large dreadlocks. Their length is 55 cm.


Nike braids


9. Nike braid style

This is a thin crochet twist with the length of 45-55 cm. The strands can be of different colors. Besides, to create a romantic image, such twists can be dissolved and you can get a stylish hairdo.


Tike braids


10. Tike braids

These are quite unusual twists. The upper part of them is large and they become very thin at the tips. The length of the strands is 62 cm. The highlight can be achieved in ombre effect. The thick part of the twist has one color, and the thin tips have the other tone.

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Ultra braids


11. Ultra braid design

This is a kind of strands with a long length of 82cm. They look like thin braids.


Rich braids

12. Rich braid style

The twists have an average thickness and the length 75 cm.


Super braids


13. Super braids

It’s the longest version of thin twists with the length 100cm. They are represented by different color solutions.


Naomi Biggie design



14. Naomi Biggie design

These are large long twists of 75 cm. They have variants with the ombre effect. If you dissolve such twists, you can get beautiful long curls. The strands can be dissolved either from the roots of the hair or a little lower.


Naomi Boom style


15. Naomi Boom style

They are the largest twist of 36 cm long with thin tips. If you like a large volume, these strands are for you.


Naomi Double

16. Naomi Double

The braids of medium thickness have the length 50 cm and ombre effect. The upper part of the strands is usually dark. The lower part is dyed in bright colors.



Naomi Triple


17. Naomi Triple

It’s a very interesting variety of thin braids with the length of 75 cm. This style is three kinds of strands combination: a straight bang, thin braids, and curled ends.

As you can see, using X-pression crochet braids styles you can create different unique hairstyles, suitable for your image. See photos, choose suitable options, and be irresistible.


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