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These are the Most important prayers for pregnant women

prayers for pregnant women

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These are the Most important prayers for pregnant women


 prayers for pregnant women

prayers for pregnant women


Pregnancy is a period when a woman is in a very delicate state of mind and body. Every sharp word or a glance can upset and distress her a lot. This is why a prayer during pregnancy can be a great support and shield for both the mother and the baby inside her against all the negative thoughts and emotions.

Prayers for pregnant women



Why should you pray when you are pregnant?

Praying is a talk with the Lord. When a person prays, his or her soul becomes serene and inspired. Pregnancy is a hard time with doubts, fears, hopes, and insecurity. A prayer for a pregnant mother and her baby can drive all those negative thoughts away and strengthen a woman’s confidence.

She will feel that she really talks to the Heavenly Father or Mary, Mother of God, depending on her confession and that they protect her and the baby. Those people who strongly believe in God have very powerful prayers. Inspired by their own faith, they can make great things happen with the help of a strong prayer.


praying woman


There are special types of prayer for pregnant mothers that can be pronounced any time you like and several very convenient ones meant for each day of the week. Below, you can find a sample of a more or less general prayer and daily ones.

Most essential prayer points for pregnant mothers


a pregnant woman

A pregnant mother is never alone. She carries a baby inside her. This is why it’s natural that the most important prayer point for her is her own comfort and the safety of her baby. You should know that when you pray from the bottom of your heart, you are heard even if the prayer doesn’t exactly match the lines written in the Bible. Everything you need to do to make your prayer powerful is to believe.

When you invent a prayer of your own, or when you pick out something suitable from the already existing variations, you should always make sure that the prayer speaks about you and your child together. Praying for your child alone is great, but you should never forget about yourself. Of course, you are free to pray for the entire family that surrounds you, for all those you love so that they are always beside you. Still, you and your baby should be the main point of each of your prayers.

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A prayer for pregnant women: to the Heavenly Father


Prayers for pregnant


O Father,

Within me, there is a new hope and new beginning. Inside me, there is a touch of creation. Every day it grows and changes, it develops and stirs inside my womb. This is a miracle that amazes and touches me. This is a wonder of a new life, yet tiny but growing with every single day.

Wrap us both with your never-ending love. Let us stay close to your hope and promises. Let us snuggle in the warmth and comfort of your almighty hands. Let us bless you and your protection.


Now, we can sleep peacefully, knowing that you are with us. We can sing with your angels and rejoice every day. Thank you, Father. Amen.

Daily prayers for pregnant ladies


Prayers for women


Monday prayers

Dear Lord, thank you for the miracle of creation that is taking place inside me right now. Perfect be your work that is being done inside my womb (optional for Christians: in the name of Jesus). In your name, I order my body to work perfectly to help the baby grow and develop (in the name of Jesus). May I and my child be healthy now and when the pregnancy is over (in the name of Jesus). Wrap us with your love, give my baby the fire of life (in the name of Jesus).

Tuesday prayers

I have enough power to defeat any misbalance and abnormality inside my womb (in the name of Jesus). I defeat any risks of pre-time labor (in the name of Jesus). There’s no curse upon my body and upon my child (in the name of Jesus). There’s no family curse upon me (in the name of Jesus). There’s no covenant between me and any spiritual husbands (in the name of Jesus). Dear Lord, wrap me and my baby with your fire and love.

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Wednesday prayers

There’s no covenant between me and evil (in the name of Jesus). There’s no covenant between me and the spirits of death (in the name of Jesus). There’s no covenant placed upon me by anybody (in the name of Jesus). There’s no covenant made on my behalf by my parents with demons or other evil (in the name of Jesus). There’s no family curse upon me and my baby (in the name of Jesus). Dear Lord, wrap me and my baby with your fire.

Thursday prayers

Dear Lord, may your love and grace (or: the holy blood of Jesus) wash away all the poisons I may have taken into my mouth consciously or unconsciously. Inside me, there’s the fire of the Holy Ghost, I eat it (and drink the holy blood of Jesus). May my baby receive the fire of the Lord. Those who eat flesh and drink blood may start eating themselves and drinking their own blood, in the name of the Almighty (and in the name of Jesus). Every cell inside me and my baby that’s infected by the spirit of death must regenerate and revive and be healthy in the name of the Lord (and in the name of Jesus). Dear Lord, wrap me and my baby with your fire.

Friday prayers

Those who pursue my life, you will die as the Almighty Lord has ordered to Pharaoh. Those who want to destroy the growing wonder inside me, you will be destroyed as the Almighty Lord has ordered to Herod. Those who plot against me and the new life inside me, you will be defeated and scattered as the Almighty Lord has ordered to the Tower of Babel.

The tree of evil planted inside me will be torn away and destroyed (in the name of Jesus). There’s no weapon powerful enough to be raised against me and my baby (in the name of Jesus). No enchantments or spells can work against me (in the name of Jesus). Dear Lord, wrap me and my baby with your fire.

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Can a prayer for the pregnant be useless?


Prayers for pregnant women


No way a prayer can be useless. A prayer tunes the mind of a pregnant woman in a right way and she can stay peaceful and calm even if there’s a stress around her. If she believes in the words she pronounces, a prayer is never useless. There’s another thing, more women start to listen to doubtful advice and decide to give birth to their babies in prayer homes or other places where a pastor or someone else can pray for them. It’s great if there’s somebody with powerful prayers beside you at such a moment but a prayer house is not a place where a woman in labor or her baby can receive high-quality medical help if needed.

You should remember that if you are taken to hospital while giving birth to your baby, your mother or sister can issue a no less powerful prayer for you and your baby than a preacher. They can stay beside you through the whole labor period. Being in hospital at such a moment is much safer for both you and your baby.


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