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Kissing:Tips On How To Be A Great Kisser



Kissing:Tips On How To Be A Great Kisser


Mind you, most of the job will be learnt while on the job but this guidelines are here to give you the confidence to help you kickstart your journey to becoming a pro kisser!


1. Fresh breath is key

First things first: stay off things that’d mess up your breath hours ahead. Oh, and always remember, mint and other breath-freshening sweets are your friend here.

2. Timing

Nothing dampens one’s mood like being rejected especially if you’re going in for a first kiss.

So make sure you watch well before going in.

3.  Start slow

Go slow at first and increase the tempo later. Gentle soft kisses before the intense ones.

4. Your Tongue!

Tongue use can be great when used right.

Use sparingly, carefully if you are unsure and yet to build a rhythm. As time progresses with that same person, however, you can find a rhythm and discover which kind of tongue action works best for that particular partner.

5. Be in the moment

You need to stay in that moment because good kissers will mirror each other’s movements, so that they’re both on the same page.

6. Be Spontaneous

Once you have found a balance with someone, the rules can be switched up at any time.

You don’t always have to start slow, for example. But that should be after you’ve reached an understanding of each other’s kissing game.

7. Your hands

Kissing is really not just about the lips or tongue. Your hands are involved, too. A hand on around his neck, hands around her waist, back… just know when to get those hands involved.

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8. Kissing is not for the lips only

Ear lobes, nose, collarbone, and the neck

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