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Here are the Latest fashion trends for ladies and Men in Nigeria (PHOTOS)

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Here are the Latest fashion trends for ladies and Men in Nigeria (PHOTOS)


Every year I look forward to seeing the new styles that would erupt onto the fashion scene. If you are reading this article then you too must be curious to see the latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017-2018. Before I spill the tea, I must say that even though this year was like a roller coaster ride, the trends did not disappoint. Keeping up was so hard but I am always down for a challenge. Whether you are a fashion geek or just looking for some inspiration, this article is for you. In this article, I have gathered the best of the best, to see more continue reading.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017


As Africans, we are most times easily identifiable, especially when we are dressed in our native wear. Today, despite the change in trends and society, we boast proudly that we are still able to preserve our culture as the world evolves. Our culture defines who we are and we are always proud to represent our nation, in whatever situation.

In our fashion industry, we have a multitude of beautiful African print styles. These range from our Ankara styles, lace styles, and Aso Ebi, just to name a few. Such styles and fabrics are used to create gorgeous jaw-dropping gowns.


Ankara styles

Ankara is one of the most well known African print styles. This kind of fabric has a vibrant color that is analogous to Africa because of the tribal-like designs. Below are some examples of the fabric being used in Nigerian fashion.


Beautiful Ankara prints fabrics


Impressive fashion styles in Nigeria


Lace styles

Lace is one of the longest lasting fabric in the game. It never goes out of style, somehow it is always incorporated into the latest fashion trends. Below are a few photos of lace being used in Nigeria latest fashion.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Nigerian Lace Styles


Ladies in red! Red lace to be specific


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Black lace dress.


Elegant and nothing less, every girl must have a black lace dress!

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Let us take a look a moment to admire the details in this fish tail dress. This beautiful woman can be easily mistaken for an African queen. She wore it so well!


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Blue Lace dress


Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi in Yoruba literally means family cloth. This kind of fabric is worn in a uniform like manner at ceremonies like weddings, funerals and other festivities. It denotes union and solidarity. Each person can have different designs of the fabric. See the photo below to get a visual understanding.

Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Aso Ebi


The Aso Ebi is worn here to show union, solidarity, and support. Though it is worn in a uniform manner


Latest fashion trends for ladies in Nigeria

This season special attention is being paid to shoulders, sleeves, and skirts. Sleeves are more defined, dramatic, and voluminous.

(1) Dramatic sleeves and off shoulder blouses

This is a perfect example of the kind of trend being followed in Nigeria today. This photo shows a beautiful Ankara blouse that is off the shoulder and has long exaggerated sleeves.


Dramatic sleeves


In the photo above, the model pairs her Ankara blouse with nice jeans. If you ask me, her attire was chic, trendy, girly and not too revealing if you are a conservative kind of girl.

(2) Cold shoulders

Consider this to be the second option for the off-the-shoulder dress or skirt. If you find it annoying to be constantly pulling up your sleeves but want to show off your shoulders, then this design is suitable for you. With such a trend, the shoulder is elegantly revealed and meets at the neck. Take a look at the photos below.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Ankara Cold Shoulder.


Did someone ask for more versatility? A cold-shoulder blouse like this is worth the investment!


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Cold shoulder Ankara


3) Pastiche fringes

Up next are fringes. Fringes have been around since the eighteenth century and have maintained its relevancy up to now. Fringes continue to be syndicated with a flirtatious character and can be described as pastiche.

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Some might have seen fringes only being worn on the end of dresses or skirt, but the placement of fringes are not just limited to that. Fringes can be worn on shirts and on dresses. When designed on dresses, it can be in a layered format throughout the entire length of the dress, at the end of it or at the shoulders like in the photo below.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Nigerian fringe dress


This Aso Ebi dress will have you twirling all day


Skirt with layered fringe throughout its entire length


This photo shows a skirt with layered fringe throughout its entire length


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, fringe Ankara skirt


Here, this lovely lady is rocking a beautiful Ankara skirt that is fringed at the end

(4) Micro-pleats

Remember those pleated skirts you wore back in school? They are back and more stylish than ever. Pleated skirts are being rocked by almost every female, to almost every event. Don’t just take it from me because I said it, take a look at the photos below!


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Micro pleated Ankara skirt


Micro pleated Ankara skirt


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Micro-pleated Ankara Skirt.


(5) Blazers and vests

Blazers and vests are light jackets that can transform any outfit. It can transform a plain dress or shirt into something spectacular for church, school, work or a night out. Blazers and vests with African prints, especially Ankara are becoming very popular this season. Their popularity and demand have increased over the past few months, making it a closet essential because it gives the extra oomph or missing piece you may be looking for. A blazer is an accessory! Take a look at the different kinds of blazers below.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Ankara Blazer


This sleeveless Ankara vest that compliments the dress very well and makes the entire outfit complete.


Bright Ankara blazers


Amazing Ankara blazer


(6) Jumpsuits and rompers

Fit for any season and event, rompers, and jumpsuits are also closet essentials. See the photos below for inspiration.

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This stylish romper that is well suited for a date at the carnival, picnic and even the movies.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Ankara Romper



Here is a fiery jumpsuit, paired with a belt and heels to give a semi-formal look.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Ankara Jumpsuit


Again with the shoulders! This outfit is especially ideal for ladies with long legs.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017 - Jumpsuit


This jumpsuit has a combination of many styles, apart from the long pants, it is opened in the back and the top joins into a choker like a shirt collar.


Ankara jumpsuit


(7) Matching two piece


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Matching two piece


Two piece suits are generally made to be worn together, but there is no rule that says they can not be worn separately as well. Consider the photo above, it can be worn for business together or separately and for leisure. To some, the pattern may be overbearing, if that is your take on it, tone it down with a nice solid color that will compliment it well or make this particular piece stand out.

The popular trends of today begin with the choice of fabric, go to fabrics for this seasons are listed below:

● Ankara

● Lace, for example, Kaftan lace

● Velvet

● Aso Oke

● Kente

● Dashiki


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