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Latest Nigerian clothes designs for men

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Latest Nigerian clothes designs for men

Fashion is not just limited to women, let us not forget our men who love fashion as much as some of us do!

When it comes to men’s fashion, similar materials are used to design the various garments. Popular styles for men also include Ankara, Aso Ebi, Agbada, Dashiki, and Kaftan. Common materials that are used to sew some of these styles include cotton, polished lace, linen, guinea, brocade, wool, and atiku. Native styles are also popularly worn and preferred by a lot of men, especially celebrities abroad. Take a look at some of the hottest trends for Nigerian men this season, below.

(1) Ankara designs

Men have managed to incorporate Ankara into their everyday wear, it is being worn as shirts, suits, ties etc. Take a look below.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Ankara Shirt

Ankara shirts for males


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Ankara ties


Fashionable Ankara ties


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Ankara Suit


Full masculine Ankara suit


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, Ankara Jacket


Ankara jacket

(2) Aso Ebi

This is also worn by men to illustrate union and support at celebrations like a wedding. Velvet and polished lace are trendy for male Aso Ebi. See the photo below for a demonstration.


Aso Ebi

Male Aso Ebi

(3) Native styles and Kaftan suites

In the photo above, polished lace was used to make this masculine Nigerian traditional wear.

Nigerian traditional wear


Nigerian Brocade


Embroidered Nigerian Brocade


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017 - Royal Blue


Royal Blue is definitely one of the most common color being worn by men


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, kaftan top


Kaftan top

(4) Agbada style

Such a style is often associated with the elite. It is a long free flowing robe with wide arms that is worn by both the young and young at heart. When worn, the individual feels the admiration and respect given because of their attire. Common colors won this season are full black, cream, white, beige, shades of blue and even red etc. Take a look at the photos below for showcasing the trendiest Agbada style this season.

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Nigerian Agbada


Nigerian Agbada, two thousand and seventeen


White Agbada


Full white Agbada

One of the most important attributes of the Agbada is the embroidery. It should be neatly and beautifully done. It is the highlight of the attire and should compliment the style, not necessarily by matching colors.

(5) The Dashiki

The dashiki has come a longway and has remained relevant since its conception. The dashiki is a must have and should be in everyone’s closet. It is versatile and can be worn as is or added to other garments to give a stylish appearance.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria 2017, male dashiki


Male Dashiki

From all the information and photos I provided above, I hope you were inspired! Nigerians follow the latest trends in the fashion industry and combine them with native motives. Based on all that I have seen this year, I can’t wait to see what is to come next year!


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