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Wizkid’s Expensive Lifestyle – His House, World Tour & How He Spend His Millions – WATCH VIDEO


Wizkid’s Expensive Lifestyle – His House, World Tour & How He Spend His Millions – WATCH VIDEO

Wizkid is one of the most talented and prominent artists in Nigeria. He is also one of the richest Nigerian artists in the Nigerian music industry. Let’s learn about Wizkid house and cars to find out the real price of fame!

Wizkid house worth and assets
Wizkid is an artist that performs at hundreds of concerts every year. He is one of the few persons who prefer to drive the BMW X6 in Nigeria. Despite that, he is not that forthcoming when it comes to information about his house.

Wizkid House in Los Angeles

Today, most people only know about two of his houses. One of them is located in Lekki. According to, the estimated cost for this house is about thirteen million Naira. That’s not all! Wizkid’s actual palace is located in Los Angeles. This majestic mansion cost around fifteen million dollars.

However, there are also some rumors about Wizkid’s new house. Guess where this particular mansion is located? According to reports, Wizkid’s house can be found Banana island! This area is the most luxurious part region in the whole of Nigeria. Just take a look at what this house in Banana Island may look like.

Possible look of Wizkid house in Banana Island

Keep in mind that this is not yet confirmed. So far, we only have rumours that this is what the singer’s house looks like. There is no evidence that this is Wizkid’s home.

According to the Nigerian Property Centre, the average price for the fully stocked mansion in Banana island may be up to sixteen million dollars.

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Therefore, Wizkid house in Banana Island may cost at least sixteen million dollars, if it exists. For now, Wizkid has not confirmed or denied the rumors about his Banana Island mansion.


Wizkid House in Lekki

Now, we only know of two houses belonging to Wizkid. Yet, the rumours about his new mansion in Banana island can be found in most online news platforms.

However, if he really has real estate there, then it must cost a fortune. Banana Island contains some of the most expensive pieces of land in Nigeria.

Would you like to have a neighbour like Wizkid?

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